Lucky Brush Wipes 100pc
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Lucky Brush Wipes 100pc


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Sold out!

These alcohol-free anti-bacterial brush wipes effectively and gently clean and disinfect makeup brushes. In just a minute, your brushes will be dry and ready to go! Pure magic!

The wipes are made of a special double-sided perforated material that absorbs all the makeup products off the brush. At the same time, both sides of the napkin are independent, thanks to a special layer between them, so it is possible to effectively use both sides when cleaning brushes.

Thanks to the unique material, they stay wet during the cleaning process, without drying out for a long time, so that one Lucky Brush napkin is enough to clean a full brush set (10-15 brushes depends on the size of the brushes, the degree of their contamination and the size of the chosen package of napkins).

These napkins do not lint, unlike cotton pads, so you do not have to remove the remaining cotton from the brushes.

You can also easily remove impurities from various cosmetic products (foundations, eye shadows, all types of eyeliners and lipsticks, lip glosses, etc.).

ATTENTION: The wipes should be only used for makeup brushes NOT on the face!

Made in Russia